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A storytelling podcast for lovers of tales.

Welcome to my storytelling podcast!

Deep in the Dark Forest is a podcast of stories featuring new adaptations of fairy tales and folk tales from around the world. Some famous, some rare, and some brand new. From authors old and young, and tellers of tales just starting out. All read by writer and audiobook narrator CC Hogan.

Each episode features one or two stories, a bit of chatter about stories and authors, the occasional poem and of course any nice things you send me. All stories feature original music. You can listen in any order you please! 

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New Episode: Little Brother & Little Sister

When two children run away from their nasty stepmother, little do they realise that she is a witch. Soon the brother is turned into a deer and his sister must find a new place for them to live.

13: The Boy Who Looked for Fear

A particular favourite of mine, this is my adaptation of the story of the boy who only wished to know what it was to shudder with fear.

12: Cap O'Rushes & The Smallest Elfen

Cap O'Rushes is one of many tales along the lines of Cinderella, but rather nicer! And The Smallest Elfen and the Big Fish is one from me!

11: The Tale of Ole Lukøje

Hans Christian Andersen's fun tale about Ole Lukøje and the fabulous dreams he brings to little Hjalmar. This classic danish folk tale is Andersen's take on the old story of the Sandman.

10: The Tongue-Cut Sparrow

The famous Japanese folktale about the little sparrow who had her tongue cut out by an evil old woman. A tale of love and greed!

The Story of my podcast. How am I doing So Far?

Eight episodes later, and still going strong. But what have I learned and where am I heading to? It is an interesting question! I think they are getting better. I hope they are...

How do I make the forest podcast?

This podcast is in it's very early days, but I have a very fixed way I go about making it. From choosing a story to recording, this is how I do it.

What makes a good story for a storyteller?

It is easy to think that an experienced storyteller can make anything interesting, even the phone book, but actually, to get the best our of the bard, you have to give the bard the best!

Things You Never Knew about Nursery Rhymes

Most people in the west grew up with the Nursery Rhyme, especially in English Speaking countries. But they are not always exactly what we think they are. And their origins are sometimes rather dark!